MAY92U 400X Video Optical Fiber Inspection Microscope Fiber Connector Endface Inspector with 4.5 Inch Display Screen


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MAY92U Fiber Microscope is upgraded digital video inspection fiber inspector, equpped with a 4.5-inch video display. The display can take inspection photos, make videos of the inspection and store testing datas and transfer via SD card or USB connection. MAY92U Fiber Microscope Probe can also be connected with PC, OTDR and Android phone, tablet via USB cable.

It is the upgraded version, equipped with high-precision algorithm. Based on the latest IEC 61300-3-35 standard or user-defined criteria, it can verify fiber connector endface quickly via Pass/Fail Analysis (optional).

 MAY92U Fiber Microscope is used to inspect end-face of fiber optic connectors. It magnifies 125um fibers 400 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is showed clearly.

Not only portable and easily in-hand, MAY92U Fiber Microscope is also multi-functional. It can detect simplex and duplex fiber ends located in both male and female connectors. Also, working stably is it’s another feature. It eliminates the need to find solutions for hard-to-reach areas inspection, which can detect connectors even installed on the backside of patch panels or inside hardware devices, providing you a completely convenience for checking.


Fiber Microscope Probe:

  • Consistent alignment, simple to operate
  • 400X magnification, clear image, better than 1um resolution
  • Universal USB interface to connect Windows, Linux OTDR, and PC


  • Small, light, and portable
  • Changeable high capacity batteries
  • 5 inch display to capture photo and video data, SD card to save data


Fiber Microscope Probe:
Magnification 400X
Resolution <1μm
View of Field X: 500

Y: 275um

Focus Method Manual
Focus Speed 3~5S
Alignment >98%
Output Port USB 2.0
Weight 110g
Dimension 180L*22W*56H (mm)
Screen Dimension 4.5 inch
Fiber Core Size 28mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080JPG
Volgtage 5V
Battery Working Hours 6 hours
Extended Capacity Support 32G Micro SD (TF)
Weight 200g
Dimension 163L*100W*35T (mm)

Standard Accessories:

Name Quantity
Fiber microscope probe 1pc
4.5 inch display with 8G Card 1pc
SC-PC-F Tip (For SC/PC adaptor) 1pc
FC-PC-F Tip (For FC/PC adaptor) 1pc
LC-PC-F Tip (For LC/PC adaptor) 1pc
2.5PC-M Tip (For 2.5mm connectors, SC/PC, FC/PC, ST/PC) 1pc
USB cable 1pc
User Manual 1pc
Free Software 1pc
Soft bag 1pc


Optional Accessories:

Name Quantity
Pass/Fail Analysis Software in PC 1pc
ST-PC-F Tip (For ST/PC adaptor) 1pc
MU-PC-F Tip (For MU/PC adaptor) 1pc
E2000-PC-F Tip (For E2000/PC adaptor) 1pc
MTRJ-PC-F Tip (For MTRJ/PC adaptor) 1pc
1.25PC-M Tip (For 1.25mm connectors, LC/PC, MU/PC) 1pc
SMA-PC-M Tip (For SMA/PC connector) 1pc
FC-APC-F Tip (For FC/APC adaptor) 1pc
SC-APC-F Tip (For SC/APC adaptor) 1pc
LC-APC-F+ Tip (For LC/APC adaptor) 1pc
E2000-APC-F Tip (For E2000/APC adaptor) 1pc
2.5APC-M Tip (For 2.5mm connectors, SC/APC, FC/APC, ST/APC, E2000/APC) 1pc
1.25APC-M Tip (For LC/APC connector) 1pc
LC-APC-L Long Tip (For LC/APC adaptor) 1pc
LEMO-PC-F&M Tip (For LEMO/PC male connector and female adaptor) 1pc
ODC2.5-PC-F Tip (For 2.5mm PC connector in ODC connector) 1pc
QSFP-LC-PC-F Tip (For LC/PC connector in SFP transceivers, like 40GBASE-LR4 QSFP+) 1pc
MPO-PC-F Tip (For MPO/PC adaptor) 1pc
MPO-APC-F Tip (For MPO/APC adaptor) 1pc
MT-PC-F Tip (For MT/PC ferrule and MPO/PC adaptor) 1pc
MT-APC-F Tip (For MT/APC ferrule and MPO/APC adaptor) 1pc
MPO-PC Tip (For MPO/PC connector in SFP transceivers, like 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+) 1pc
MPO-APC Tip (For MPO/APC connector in SFP transceivers, like 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+) 1pc
Tip60 Base (60 degree base for special tips) 1pc
FC-PC-60F Tip (For FC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
SC-PC-60F Tip (For SC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
LC-PC-60F Tip (For LC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
LC-APC-60F Tip (For LC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
SC-APC-60F Tip (For SC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
E2000-APC-60F Tip (For E2000/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
FC-APC-60F Tip (For FC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
Tip-L Tip (Base for long tips) 1pc
FC/SC-PC-L Long Tip (For FC/PC and SC/PC adaptor) 1pc
LC-PC-L Long Tip (For LC/PC adaptor) 1pc
LC-APC-L Long Tip (For LC/APC adaptor) 1pc
SC-APC-L Long Tip (For SC/APC adaptor) 1pc
E2000-APC-L Long Tip (For E2000/APC adaptor) 1pc
FC-APC-L Long Tip (For FC/APC adaptor) 1pc
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

MAY92U Video Fiber Microscope with Standard Accessories, 1.25PC-M Male Tip for 1.25mm Connectors LC/PC MU/PC (Optional), 2.5APC-M Male Tip for 2.5mm connectors SC/APC FC/APC ST/APC (Optional), 1.25APC-M Male Tip for 1.25mm connectors LC/APC MU/APC (Optional), SMA-PC-M Male Tip for SMA/PC Connectors (Optional), SC-APC-F Female Tip for SC/APC Adapter (Optional), FC-APC-F Female Tip for FC/APC Adapter (Optional), LC-APC-F+ Female Tip for LC/APC Adapter (Optional), ST-PC-F Female Tip for ST/PC Adapter (Optional), MU-PC-F Female Tip for MU/PC Adapter (Optional), E2000-PC-F Female Tip for E2000/PC Adapter (Optional), E2000-APC-F Female Tip for E2000/APC Adapter (Optional), MTRJ-PC-F Female Tip for MTRJ/PC Adapter (Optional), LEMO-PC-F&M Tip for LEMO/PC Male Connector and Female Adapter (Optional), QSFP-LC-PC-F Female Tip for LC/PC Connector in SFP Transceivers like 40GBASE-LR4 QSFP+ (Optional), MPO-PC-F Female Tip for MPO/PC Adapter (Optional), MPO-APC-F Famele Tip for MPO/APC Adapter (Optional), MT-PC-F Tip for MT/PC Ferrule and MPO/PC Adapter (Optional), MT-APC-F Tip for MT/APC Ferrule and MPO/APC Adapter (Optional), MPO-PC Female Tip for MPO/PC Connector in SFP Transceivers like 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ (Optional), MPO-APC Famale Tip for MPO/APC Connector in SFP Transceivers like 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ (Optional)


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