MAY-TK-F101A FTTH Tool Kit


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FTTH Tool Kit is specially used for FTTH fast connector termination. It contains all the necessary tools for fiber cable stripping, fiber cleaving, optical power measuring, visual fault checking, etc.



No. Name Quantity
1 Carrying Case 1pc
2 Shoulder Belt for Carrying Case 1pc
3 Fiber Cleaver 1pc
4 Optical Power Meter with FC Adapters, -70~+10dBm 1pc
5 10mW Visual Fault Locator with Universal 2.5mm Connector 1pc
6 Kevlar Scissors 1pc
7 MAY-11 FTTH Drop Cable Stripper 1pc
8 CFS-2 Dual-hole Fiber Optic Stripper 1pc
9 Steel Cutting Pliers 1pc
10 Needle Node Pliers 1pc
11 Side Cut Pliers 1pc
12 Alocohol Bottle 1pc
13 Fixed Length Stripper 1pc
14 Dry Batteries 4pcs
15 Fiber Cleaning Wipes 1 pack


  1. For Optical Power Meter, there are options at additional cost, like measurement range: -50~+26dBm, SC adapter, LC adapter, etc.
  2. For Visual Fault Locator, different output power are avaiable at additional cost, like 20mW, 30mW, etc.
  3. CFS-2 Dual-hole Fiber Optic Stripper can be changed into CFS-3 Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper at free cost.
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 14 cm


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