PLC Splitter QC

1×8 PLC Splitter reliability Test Report

1×8 PLC Splitter Reliability Test Report

This document contains results of reliability tests for 1×8 PLC Splitter products conducted under environmental conditions that are defined in Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE. These 1×8 PLC Splitters were incorporated with both 1 channel and 8 channel fiber arrays that were manufactured by Shanghai May Telecom Co., Ltd.; Therefore, this report can also be viewed as a reliability showcase for the internally fabricated 1 channel and 8 channel fiber arrays.

IEC Standard for PLC Splitter

IEC Standard for PLC Splitter

Our PLC Splitters comply with IEC standard. IEC 61300-3-4 Standard for optical loss of PLC Splitter, EN 181 000 4.5.6. for return loss, EN 181 000 4.5.5. for directivity, IEC 61300-3-2 for PDL, IEC 61300-2-1 for vibration, IEC 61300-2-4 for cable retention, IEC 61300-2-17 for cold, IEC 61300-2-18 for dry heat, IEC 61300-2-22 for Cycles of Temperature, IEC 61300-2-19 for humidity, IEC 61300-2-45 for water immersion, and IEC 61300-2-5 for torsion.

PLC Splitter Inspection Standard

The standard stimulates the package, working environment, service life, material, function and performance, and label, packing, transportation and storage of optical splitter. 

This standard is applicable for series of passive optical splitters for access network.

PLC Splitter Plastics Inspection Standard

This standard specifies the inspection standard of PLC Splitter plastic box, tray and insertion module.

PLC Splitter Manufacturing and Testing Facility

We have high-end PLC Splitter Manufacturing Facilities to ensure our PLC Splitters comply with IEC, Telcordia, and Anatel standard, SEIKOH GIKEN Polish Machine, Fujikura’ Fusion Splicer, YOKOGAWA’s Optical Power Meter and Spectrum Analyzer for example.