200EP Inductive Amplifier

200EP Inductive Amplifier
Inductive Amplifier 200EP Tone Generator 77HP2 Tracer

200EP Inductive Amplifier, when used in conjunction with any tone generator, is deisigned to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation.


  • Spring-loaded ON/OFF button
  • Adjustable volume sensitivity control
  • Recessed terminal ports for handset connection
  • Resistive plastic carbon-fiber tip prevents accidental shorts when probing wires
Gain Nominal 30dB
Input Impedance Nominal 100 M Ohm
Probe Tip Resistance (min) Metal Tip 0 Ohm
Plastic Tip 300 Ohm
Battery 9V
Battery Life Nonimal 50 hours
Operating/Storage Temperature 0 to +50℃ (32℉- 122℉)
Size 231x55x28mm (9.0×2.2×1.1”)
Weight 300g (10.6oz)
Standard Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 Inductive Amplifier 1 pair
2 User Manual 1pc
3 Soft Bag 1pc
Optional Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 9V Battery 2pcs

1. Manual