Echolife HG8310M 1GE Huawei GPON ONU

HG8310M Echolife 1GE Huawei GPON ONU
Echolife HG8310M 1GE Huawei GPON ONU
Echolife HG8310M 1GE Huawei GPON ONT

The Huawei Echolife HG8310M subscriber terminal is used as a client device for the construction of FTTH networks and is designed to provide broadband access services based on GPON technology in residential buildings and small offices. This terminal supports one PON connections at a distance of up to 20KM. Terminal EchoLife HG8310M is equipped with PON and Ethernet GE ports with auto-negotiation for high-speed forwarding.


  • 1xPON optical port (up to 2.5Gb / s.g.984);
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port;
  • Type of optical connectors SC/UPC;
  • The ability to configure the device using the Web interface;
  • Dimensions 90x82x25mm;
  • Process holes in the housing for wall mounting;


  • Plug-and-play: services can be deployed by one click on the NMS, and on-site configuration is not required.
  • Remote diagnosis: Remote fault locating is implemented by the loop-line test of POTS ports, call emulation and PPoE dialup emulation initiated by the NMS.
  • Link monitoring: E2E link detection is achieved using 801.1 ag Ethernet OAM.
  • High speed forwarding: 900Mbits/s forwarding in the NAT scenario.
  • IPV6 Capability: support IPv6 / IPv4 dual stack and DS-Lite.
GPON features Class C+ optical power budget;
Authentication modes of SN, password, and SN+password
Multicast features IGMP V2&V3 snooping;  Dynamically controllable multicast
Security features MAC address filtering; Anti-DoS;
Device maintenance Local service sonfiguration, query, and software upgrade on the webage; Automatic remote service provisioning, device management, and software upgrade through OMCI;
Query of the information about the ONT optical transceiver;
Intelligent monitoring
Reliable features Dual system protection of the software;
Ethernet features VLAN filtering, VLAN transparents transmisstion;
VLAN N:1 aggregation and VLAN 1:1 switch