ECOB Fiberhome 16 Ports EPON Service Board

ECOB 16 Ports EPON Board - Fiberhome Service Card
Fiberhome ECOB 16 Ports EPON Service Card

EPOB Basic principle introduction:
Exchange module to achieve the convergence of 16 EPON port signals.
Interface module to realize the mutual conversion between EPON optical signal and Ethernet message.
Control module to complete the single board software loading, operation control, management and other functions.
The power supply module provides a working power supply for each function module in a single board.

Optical module introduction:
Optical connector type:SC/PC
Fiber type: single mode
Maximum light splitting ratio: 1:64
Apply to AN5516-01/AN5516-06/AN5516-04

Feature and Application:
High Density:

  • 8 EPON ports per card, up to 1:128 split ratio

EPON Function:

  • Support ONU power saving management defined in G.987.3
  • 1024 T-CONTs per PON port, 4096 GEM ports per PON port

High TM Performance:

  • Support H-QOS
  • 1024 queues and 356 schedulers per PON port
  • Support color-sensitive RED and WRED discard algorithm

Clock / Time Function:

  • Receive 1PPS+TOD signals and send them to the ONU through a PON channel
Module Function
Management and control module Manages and controls the card, implement card configuration.
TM module Processes data in service layer, including bandwidth management and QoS process, satisfies the SLA requirement. The process function is compatible with TR156.
EPON optical module Provides PON-C optical interface, complies with ITU-T G.984.2.
Clock/time module Process system clock, complies with ITU-T G.8262, G.8264, and G.781.