EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner

EFOC-812 Electric Automatic Fiber Optic Cleaner
EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner

EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner can fully clean the dirt and dust within 2-5s.. It can firmly suck in contaminants into its tiny hole material and clean the end face thoroughly without any residue. Cleaning effect exceeds IEC/IPC standard and can greatly prevent signal loss during the network transmission or contaminations in fiber components production. It is with the highest value to lowest cost clean tool in the industry.


  • Dry clean to remove dusts, dirt, stubborn stain.
  • 2~5s quick clean, 98% consistency and clean.
  • Can clean both 2.5mm and 1.25mm female fiber endface
  • Can clean optical transceivers


  • Network Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Fiber optical material Inventory Test
  • Optical device research & analysis
Power Supply Rechargeable batteries
Size of EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner (No Adapter) 138(L)*25(D)mm
Net Weight of EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner(No Adapter) 100g
Size of Long Adapter 36(L)*20(D)mm
Operating Temperature -10~+50°C
Storage Temperature -20~+60°C
Standard Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 EFOC-812 Electric Fiber Optic Cleaner 1pc
2 Rechargeable Battery 1pc
3 Long Adapter to locate Consumable Stick 1pc
4 Charger 1pc
Optional Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 1.25mm Consumable Stick for LC/MU adapters Upon request
2 2.5mm Consumable Stick for SC/FC/ST adapters Upon request