Enhanced Performance Fibre Units (EPFU) Air-blown Micro Cables

Enhanced Performance Fibre Units (EPFU) Air-blown Micro Cables

Cable Structure:
Optical fibres and filler elements are arranged in curing photosensitive resins to form a cable core. A low friction sheath is extruded outside the core.

Cable Type:


  • Using 657A1 or G.657.A2 bending insensitive fibres with a small bending radius, applicable to indoor laying
  • Small size and light weight
  • Unique design of sheath ensuring good air blowing performance


  • The cable can be used as the indoor drop cable in FTTH networks and can be laid by air blowing with a handheld device, to connect the family multimedia information boxes with the access point for subscribers


Environmental Characteristics:
Item Standard Parameters
Operation Temperature IEC 60794-1-2 F1 -40°C~+70°C
Storage Temperature IEC 60794-1-2 F1 -40°C~+70°C

Geometrical Characteristics:

Fiber CountFilled Fibers CountNominal Thickness of outer jacket (mm)Cable diameter (mm)Cable weight (kg/km)

Note: Fiber count: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 for option.

Optical Fiber Type and Characteristics :
Item Unit Specification
G. 657A1
Mode Field Diameter mm 8.6 ± 0.4
Cladding Diameter mm 125.0 ± 1.0
Cladding Non-circularity % £1.0
Coating Diameter mm 245 ± 10
Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error mm £12.5
Attenuation Coefficient 1310nm dB/km £0.35
1550nm dB/km £0.21
Macro-bend Loss (1 turn, 10mm radius) 1550nm dB/km £0.75
1625nm dB/km £1.5
Proof Stress Level kpsi ≥100
Other parameters meet standard ITU-T G.657.
Cable Performance:
Item Parameters
Fiber Color Full color spectrum
Filled Fibers Color Natural color
Outer Jacket Material HDPE
Color Dark blue
Min. Bending Radius Static 10 times cable diameter
Dynamic 20 times cable diameter
Tensile Performance Short term 1G
Crush Short term 100N/100mm

Color Code:
Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose, Aqua

Fibre Count Length (m) Drum Size  D×H (mm)
2~4 Fibres 2000~4000 φ510 × 200
2~4 Fibres 6000 φ510 × 300

Packing: cardboard bucket

cardboard bucket packing for Fiber Optic Cable