EPBD Huawei 8 ports EPON Service Board

EPBD 8 ports EPON Board - Huawei Service Board
Huawei Service Board EPBD 8ports EPON Board
Huawei EPBD 8 ports EPON Service Board

EPBD is 8-port EPON OLT interface board, and terminal ONT equipment to achieve access to EPON services.

Specification EPBD EPFD
No. Of interface 8 16
Splitting ratio 1:64 1:64
Optical module SFP SFP
Anti-IP spoofing
MAC address spoofing
Anti-DOS attacks
Optical channel performance monitoring
Light module lighting control ×
Temperature inquiry and high temperature alarm
High temperature automatic shutdown
The maximum number of business cycles (pc) 8184 16368
Maximum number of business flows per LLID (pc) 4096 4096

Feature and Application:
The basic principles of GPBD are described below:

  • The control module completes the function of loading, running control and management of the board.
  • The switching module implements the convergence of eight EPON port signals and the conversion of EPON optical signals and Ethernet packets.
  • The power module receives the -48V power supply from the backplane and converts the operating power of the individual modules.
  • The clock module provides the working clock for each function module in the board.
Board power consumption and maximum frame length:
Board Name Power consumption Max. Frame length
H802EPBD Static: 45.5W; Max.: 55W 1996 bytes
H809EPBD Static: 23W; Max.: 31W 1996 bytes