ETGH ZTE 16 Ports EPON Business Board

ETGH 16 Ports EPON Board - ZTE Service Card

The ZTE ETGH is an 16 Port EPON subscriber card designed to be used with ZXA10 C300 and ZXA10 C320 equipment.

ETGH  Basic principle introduction:
Exchange module to achieve the convergence of 16 EPON port signals.
Interface module to realize the mutual conversion between EPON optical signal and Ethernet message.
The power supply module provides a working power supply for each function module in a single board.
The clock module provides a working clock for each function module in a single board.

Optical module introduction:
Optical connector type:SC/PC
Fiber type: single mode
Maximum light splitting ratio: 1:64
Apply to C300/C220/C320

Feature and Application:
The ZXA10 C300 is industry’s first future-proof large-capacity PON OLT. It offers ultrafast bandwidth, meets full-service access and multiple scenario requirements, and provides carrier-class QoS and security guarantee.

Seven access modes enable sustainable network evolution
The ZXA10 C300 is a unified platform that integrates GPON/EPON, 10G PON (XG-PON1/XGS-PON/10G EPON) and NG-PON2 as well as PtP. It supports on-demand deployment, flexible access, and ensures sustainable network evolution.
High integration, large-capacity fiber access, supports 256 GPON ports, 128 10G 

PON ports and 128 combo PON ports
Fully meets the high-bandwidth network requirements with high system integration, large backplane bandwidth, high-density service cards, and non-blocking switching capability.

Higher reliability and protection
Provides boards redundancy and hot swappable, supports type B and type C protection for PON downlink and RSTP/UAPS/ERPS/LACP for uplink.

Module Function
Management and control module Manages and controls the card, implement card configuration.
EPON MAC module Implement the EPON functions defined by ITU-T G.984.3.
TM module Processes data in service layer, including bandwidth management and QoS process, satisfies the SLA requirement. The process function is compatible with TR156.
EPON optical module Provides PON-C optical interface, complies with ITU-T G.984.2.