ETGO ZTE 8 Ports EPON Business Board

ETGO 8 Ports EPON Board - ZTE Business Board
ZTE Business Board ETGO 8 Ports EPON Board
ZTE ETGO 8 Ports EPON Business Board

ZTE ETGO positioning for the next generation network platform for the large capacity xPON gathering access, HSI, VoIP, TDM for the next generation network, IPTV, CATV, mobile 2G/ 3G and WiFi access convergence of the whole business and management control, and provide the QoS and the safety reliability of the telecommunication level security.

Product features ZTE ETGO large capacity, high density, high performance and flat, Conform to the “large capacity, high density, satisfy” large capacity, less bureau “network evolution and deployment requirements, enhance the capacity of access, conform to the requirements of the network flat. High density interface board, provide large ratio and long distance application scenario special solution.

Item Specification
Power consumption ETGO: 5W (static), 65W (maximum), 55W (typical)
ETGH: 5W (static), 35W (maximum), 30W (typical)
ETTO: 5W (static), 35W (maximum), 30W (typical)
Dimensions 395.5 mm*22.5 mm*225 mm (Height*Width*Depth)
Weight 1kg

SFP modules introduction:
Rate: 2.5Gb/s
Optical connector type: SC/UPC
Fiber type: single mode
Maximum light splitting ratio: 1:128 

Feature and Application:
ZXA10 C300 : Large-capacity PON OLT
The ZXA10 C300 is industry’s first future-proof large-capacity PON OLT. It offers ultrafast bandwidth, meets full-service access and multiple scenario requirements, and provides carrier-class QoS and security guarantee.

Seven access modes enable sustainable network evolution
The ZXA10 C300 is a unified platform that integrates GPON/EPON, 10G PON (XG-PON1/XGS-PON/10G EPON) and NG-PON2 as well as PtP. It supports on-demand deployment, flexible access, and ensures sustainable network evolution.
High integration, large-capacity fiber access, supports 256 GPON ports, 128 10G 

PON ports and 128 combo PON ports
Fully meets the high-bandwidth network requirements with high system integration, large backplane bandwidth, high-density service cards, and non-blocking switching capability.

Higher reliability and protection
Provides boards redundancy and hot swappable, supports type B and type C protection for PON downlink and RSTP/UAPS/ERPS/LACP for uplink.

Perfect clock/time synchronization
Provides BITS, 1PPS+ToD, IEEE 1588V2 and synchronous Ethernet, and supports comprehensive time and clock synchronization.

Powerful QoS control and E-OAM
Supports H-QoS based on service provider, user and service, and provides E-OAM functions for efficient network management.

Eco-friendly design
Supports multiple ways to lower the power consumption and complies with the international standards and requirements, such as CoC.

Module Function
Management and control module Manages and controls the card, implement card configuration.
EPON MAC module Implement the EPON functions defined by ITU-T G.984.3.
TM module Processes data in service layer, including bandwidth management and QoS process, satisfies the SLA requirement. The process function is compatible with TR156.
EPON optical module Provides PON-C optical interface, complies with ITU-T G.984.2.
Clock/time module Process system clock, complies with ITU-T G.8262, G.8264, and G.781.