Fiber Cable Monitoring System: X - OTDR

Fiber Cable Monitoring System
Fiber Cable Monitoring System X - OTDR

X-OTDR is a new era of intelligent maintenance. It changes the way you look at network maintenance.


  • Built in 4G communication module, easy network access.
  • Plug and play, simple configuration.
  • 24-hour real time automatic monitoring
  • GIS navigation
  • Real-time access to the X-Fiber Intelligent Cloud Data Platform for cable health trend analysis, potential failures,proactive maintenance.
  1. 7×24 hours automatic monitoring
  • Warning Details SMS Notification
  • Alarm Clear SMS Notification
  • Line length
  • Line real-time loss
  • Cable monitoring status
  • Accurate fault location
  1. Fault location- GIS map navigation
  • Fault point accurate GIS information
  • Fault point GIS map navigation
  1. Analysis of Loss Trend of Optical Cable
  • 24-hour loss trend analysis
  • Analysis of 30-day Loss Trend
  • Statistics of loss change data of optical cables
  1. Mapping Management of OpticalCable Resources
  • Mapping Display of OpticalCable Resources
  • Display resource information for each node
  • Input node GIS information, automatically generate cable map
  1. Computer room resource management
  • 3-D Stereo Map of Computer Room Resources
  • Intelligent ODF Frame Management
  • Realize the linkage alarm of each ODF and monitoring system
  1. Intelligent identification of fault causes
  • Intelligent Analysis of Line Faults and Equipment Faults
  • If the line is out of order, send a short message with detailed fault location
  • lf the fault is caused by power failure, inform by SMS
  1. X-Fiber Intelligent Cloud Data Platform
  • Big data analysis of optical cable health
  • Cable loss trend analysis
  • Fully know cable health to prevent problems
  1. Intelligent Large Screen Display System
  • Map Display of Optical Cable Resources
  • Analysis of Fiber Optic Cable Deterioration Trend
  • Customization Development
General Information:
Dimension (H×W×D) 245*188*60 (mm)
Weight < 2kg
Operating Temperature -40℃ – 85℃
Storage Temperature -45℃ – 105℃
Relative Humidity 5% – 95%
Power 12V
Power Consumption < 5W
Optical Interface LC/PC×8 (single or double optical ports can be customized)
Other Interface Power Supply × 1; Antenna × 1; RJ45 × 1; SIM × 1
OTDR Specification:
Wavelength ( nm) 1550 1550 1650 (Online Monitoring)
Dynamic Range (dB ) 35 40 30
Pulse Width ( ns) 5/10/50/160/320/500/1000/5000/10000/20000ns
Event Dead Zone (m) 0.8
ATT Dead Zone (m) 6
Sampling Resolution (m) 0.05 – 16
Uncertainty (m) ± (1m+0.005% × Distance+Sampling Interval)
Distance Range (km) 120 160 100
  1. The technical specifications describe the guaranteed performance of the instrument when measuring with typical PC connectors, without considering the uncertainty caused by the refractive index of optical fibers.
  2. The dynamic range is measured under the condition of SNR=1, maximum pulse width and average time of 3 minutes.
  3. The event dead zone was measured with 10ns pulse width, and the reflection intensity was lower than -45 dB. The ATT dead zone was measured with 20ns pulse width, and the reflection intensity was lower than – 55 dB.
  4. Without considering the uncertainty caused by the refractive index of optical fibers.
Standard Package
Host X – OTDR 1
Portable package MR – 01 1
Power Adapter PW – 01 1
After-Sales Card / 1
Testing Optical Cable FC/PC 1
Fiber Cable Monitoring System X - OTDR - Standard Accessories