FMC-1.25-H One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner for Harsh Environment 1.25mm Based Connector & Adapter

FMC-1.25-H One-click Cleaner
FMC-1.25-H Pen Type Cleaner
FMC-1.25-H One-click Cleaning Pen
One-click Pen Cleaner product function

This handy tool is effective fora variety of contaminants, and with over 800 cleaning cycles per unit, it also has a remarkably low cost per clean, automatically advance ensures each clean is performed with fresh cleaning tape. 
The FMC-1.25-H One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule endfaces of 25mm based connectors Only.

Why Should We Clean the Connectors?

Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures in data centers, campus, and other optical communication facilities are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face.
For best optical performance, it is imperative that all optical fiber connections are clean and free of contaminants. Fiber optic cleaning products is being highly recommended as a kind of very important tool for manufacturers and engineers. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.
The fiber optic connector cleaner is designed to effectively and quickly clean connector endfaces, both the unmated patchcord and through the adapter. It cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face.
Why Should We Clean the Connectors


  • Can handle any types of pollution
  • Super long lifetime, over 800 times cleaning   
  • Clean over 95% surface of fiber ferrule with only one click
  • Suitable for both male connectors and connectors though adapters
Model FMC-1.25-H
Dimension 200*25*25mm
Connector Type Ferrule & Adapter 1.25mm Harsh Environment (ARINC 800, ODC series, LuxCis series)
Material ABS   ABS,Anti-Static Resin  
Cleaning Cycles 800 cycles
Weight 0.044kg
Notes on usage:
  • Do not expose device to direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity.The cover on the guide cap should be closed at all times when device is not in use.
  • Do not attempt to disassembleas this can cause damage to the device and void warranty.
  • Do not re-use cleaning cloth as this will eliminate its cleaning ability.
  • Do not touch the cleaning cloth as this will cause contamination.
  • Do not pull the cleaning cloth, use only the device body.
  • Do not use this cleaner when the cloth is empty, as this can cause damage to the connector.