FOK-2 Ribbon Fiber Fan-Out Kits

FOK-2 Ribbon Fiber Fan-Out Kits
FOK-2 Ribbon Fiber Fan-Out Kit
FOK-2 Ribbon Fiber Fan-Out Kits with Loose Tube

Ribbon Fiber fan-out kits are specifically designed for the termination of 12-fiber ribbon cable. The fan-out kits provide the ultimate solution for those users who want to field-install connectors on 250 μm coated ribbon fibers. The kits provide the most compact, easy-to-install fan-out solution requiring no additional hardware or space than that required for terminating ribbon cables. Indoor kits feature a 900μm fan-out assembly that is color coded to match the fiber color scheme. The fan-out assembly is available with 12-fiber units in lengths of 0.6 m (25 in) or 1.2 m (47 in). These different lengths provide the installer the flexibility needed for a variety of hardware options.

Model FOK-2-A FOK-2-B
Input Cable 12-fiber ribbon cable with jacket 12-fiber ribbon fibers without jacket
Output Cable Diameter 0.9mm buffer tube
Fiber Count 12
Size 53(L)*20.5(W)*7.6(H)mm