FOLC-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Card
- Similar to NTT Optical Connector Cleaner OPTIPOP C

FOLC-1 Optic Fiber Connector Cleaning Card
FOLC-1 Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Card

Packing: Plastic Anti-static Bag

FOLC-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Card

Designed to replace hazardous solvents, this product easily and effectively removes interstitial and loose tube

(thixotropic) filling & flooding compounds without damage to cable or fiber optic components (inks & delicate coating materials).
This product has no skin or inhalation risk, just high performance cleaning power allowing fast effective preparation of cables and cleaning of tools and plant.

This tool is suitable for engineers and measuring staff who require high quality connections.

  • High cleaning capability
  • Conveniently stowed in a pocket
  • Dry cleaning
  • Non-dischargeable body
  • The cleaning surfaces are individually sealed to maintain a superb wiping result
  • Dust-free. Covered with a lid when not in use


  • Provides 12X2 cleanings
  • Size: 98W x 48H x 68D(mm)