GPFD Huawei 16 Ports GPON Service Board

GPFD 16 Ports GPON Board - Huawei Service Board
Huawei Service Board GPFD 16 Ports GPON Board
Huawei Service Board GPFD 16 Ports GPON Card
GPFD is 16 port GPON OLT interface board, and terminal ONT equipment to achieve access to GPON services.
Specifications H805GPBD
No. Of interface 8 16 8
Splitting ratio   (Class B+) 1:64 1:64 1:64
Splitting ratio   (Class C+ / Class C++) 1:128 1:128 1:128
D-CMTS × × ×
Traffic shaping
Optical channel performance testing
RSS detection, optical module light control
Speed limit based on ONU granularity
CAR group
Temperature inquiry and high temperature alarm
High temperature automatic shutdown
The maximum optical path distance is poor (km) 20 40 40
The maximum number of traffic that each board supports (pc) 8184 16368 8184
The number of MAC addresses supported by each board 32768 32768 32768
DBA-based broadband based on single port (kbps) 1238784 1238784 1238784
The number of T-CONTs supported by each GPON port 1024 1024 1024
Down FEC function
Up FEC function
Rogue ONT detection
The maximum number of ONTs per GPON port 128 128 128
The number of GEM ports supported by each board 8192 16384 8192
The number of GEM ports supported by each GPON interface 3872 3872 3872
The maximum number of business streams per GEM Port 8184 8184 8184
HQoS (4 layers) ×
9K Jumbo frame H805GPBD: × H806GPBD: × H807GPBD: √
The GPON port supports the optical power budget CLASS B+: 28.5dB, Most Used
CLASS C+: 32dB, Long distance transmission
CLASS C+: 35dB
The minimum bandwidth of each T-CONT Minimum Broadband Delay Mode: 1Mbps
Maximum broadband usage pattern: 128kbps

Feature and Application:
The basic principles of GPFD are described below:

  • The control module completes the function of loading, running control and management of the board.
  • The switch module implements aggregation of 16 GPON port signals.
  • The interface module implements the conversion between GPON optical signals and Ethernet packets.
  • The power module provides the working power for each function module in the board.
  • The clock module provides the working clock for each function module in the board.
Board power consumption and maximum frame length:
Board Name Power consumption Max. Frame length
H807GPFD Static: 26W; Max.: 50W 2004 bytes, Can increase the Jumbo Frame function to 9216 bytes