GTGO ZTE 8 Ports GPON Business Board

GTGO 8 Ports GPON Board - ZTE Service Card
ZTE GTGO 8 Ports GPON Board
ZTE Service Card GTGO 8 Ports GPON Board

The ZTE GTGO is an 8 Ports GPON subscriber card designed to be used with ZXA10 C300 and ZXA10 C320 equipment.

SFP modules introduction:
Rate: 2.5Gb/s
Optical connector type: SC/UPC
Fiber type: single mode
Maximum light splitting ratio: 1:128

Feature and Application:
High Density:

  • 16 GPON ports per card, up to 1:128 split ratio

GPON Function:

  • Support ONU power saving management defined in G.987.3
  • 1024 T-CONTs per PON port, 4096 GEM ports per PON port

High TM Performance:

  • Support H-QOS
  • 1024 queues and 356 schedulers per PON port
  • Support color-sensitive RED and WRED discard algorithm

Low Power Consumption:

  • Newly developed lower power GPON MAC chip
  • Reduce 30% power consumption on industry average
Module Function
Management and control module Manages and controls the card, implement card configuration.
GPON MAC module Implement the GPON functions defined by ITU-T G.984.3.
TM module Processes data in service layer, including bandwidth management and QoS process, satisfies the SLA requirement. The process function is compatible with TR156.
GPON optical module Provides PON-C optical interface, complies with ITU-T G.984.2.
Clock/time module Process system clock, complies with ITU-T G.8262, G.8264, and G.781.