HG8245H Huawei GPON ONU

HG8245H Huawei GPON ONU
HG8245H Huawei GPON ONT
Huawei HG8245H GPON ONU

HG8245 is mainly used for FTTH/FTTO applications, providing Ethernet service access and VoIP telephone services, as well as FoIP data fax services and MoIP services, while providing WLAN access services. Is an indoor gateway type ONU device designed for home and SOHO users.

Products Parameters:
Dimensions (LxWxH) 176mm*138.5mm*28mm
Weight About260g
Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
Operating Humidity -5% RH to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power adapter input 100-240V AC, 50–60Hz
System power supply 11-14V DC, 1.5A
Static power consumption 5.5W
Maximum power consumption 16.5W
Ports 2POTS+4GE+2.4G WIFI+1USB

Interface Parameters: 
GPON Port: 

  • Class B+
  • Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm
  • Wavelengths: US 1310nm, DS 1490nm
  • WBF
  • Flexible mapping between GEM Port and TCONT
  • GPON: consistent with the SN or password suthentication defined in G.984.3
  • Bi-directional FEC
  • SR-DBA and NSR-DBA

Ethernet Port: 

  • Ethernet port-based VLAN tags and tag removal
  • 1:1 VLAN, N:1 VLAN, or VLAN transparent transmission
  • QinQ VLAN
  • Limit on the number of learned MAC address
  • MAC address learning

POTS Port: 

  • Maximum REN;4
  • 711A/P, G.729a/b and G.722 encoding/decoding
  • 30/T.38/G.711 fax mode
  • DTMF
  • Emergency calls (with SIP protocol)

Smart Interconnection:

  • Smart WIFI coverage 
  • SIP/H.248 auto-negotiation
  • Any port any service
  • Parental control
  • L2/L3(IPv4) forwarding: 1G uplink, 2G downlink

Smart Service: 

  • Smart Wifi sharing: Portal/802.1x authenticationsoft GRE-based sharing
  • Association of one account with two POTS ports