How To Slit Fiber Optic Cable

Experienced field engineers don’t need several tools to slit fiber optic cable. They need an utility knife only to cut the outer jacket and armor of FOC.

If you are not that experienced, professional Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Tool Kit is needed.

KMS-K Longitudinal Cable Sheath Cutter and Round Cable Slitter to slit fiber optic cable jacket and armor

1.KMS-K Longitudinal Cable Sheath Cutter is stored in handy plastic case with wrench for 3mm cap screw removal. It is an ideal tool in cable sheath slitting for both divided and un-divided cables. Simply turn the center axis with thumb and forefinger. 4 positions are available for different cable sheath thickness.
Grey (KMS=black) adapter for cable diameter up to 25mm

2.Round Cable Slitter is with adjustable cutting depth for insulation from 3mm to 35mm thickness