Huawei ETP48100-B1 Rectifier

Huawei ETP48100-B1 Rectifier
Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A Power supply 100-240V to 48V DC max 50A with PMU11A
Huawei ETP48100-B1-100A Power supply 100-240V to 48V-53V DC max 100A with PMU11A

ETP48100 is an AC/DC embedded power system with excellent performance such as high power efficiency, intelligent battery management, remote management, wide range of AC input voltage, etc.

The system can configure max. 2 pieces of 1U 50A high rectifier modules, and provides 30A rated current output. ETP48100 can be embedded in 19-inch rack or cabinet.


  • Support wide range of DC output from 30A to 400A;
  • High rectifier efficiency over 96% helps to save energy, derated output above 55℃;
  • Rectifier with MTBF>500,000h helps to save OPEX;
  • E-label function, can achieve assets management of the whole site, easy for assets management and location of problem quality;
  • Battery anti-reversed connection function, avoid the possible of equipment loss and personal safety accident
  • Complete system management function, LCD visualization monitoring;
  • Support multiple interfaces, convenient remote centralized management.
Model ETP48100-B1
Input 85~240V, 50/60 Hz
Ouput 25A Max Per Output 100A Max Combined Output Current
Dimensions 45MM*315MM*415MM