MAY-ATB-205 2 Port Access Terminal Box (ATB)

MAY-ATB-205 2 Port Access Terminal Box (ATB)
MAY-ATB-205 2 Port Access Terminal Box with SC Adapter
MAY-ATB-205 2 Port Access Terminal Box with 2 fibers

Access Terminal Box (ATB) is designed to connect the drop cable with PON ONU (Optical Network Unit) in FTTH application. Access Terminal Box (ATB) is installed on the wall and provides protection for optical fiber splicing or termination.

Access Terminal Box (ATB) supports fusion splicing, mechanical splicing and field assembly fast connectors. Access Terminal Box (ATB) is compact and cost-effective.


  • Convenient installation and disassembly with protective door,
  • According to customer’s requirement, LOGO can be printed.
  • Made of ABS+PC high quality engineering plastic material with excellent intensity.
  • Can be opened and closed easily.


  • Wall mounting installation
IEC61300-2 Fiber optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Basic test and measurement procedures
IEC60068-2 Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products
RoHS Directive This product complies with the RoHS environmental protection directive, and the content of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) does not exceed the limit.
Mehanical Specification:
Max. Capacity 2 fibers
Adapter Capacity 1pc of duplex SC adapter
Inlet Cable Diameter ᴓ3~ᴓ7mm
Inlet Cable Number 3pcs
Outlet Cable Number 2pcs
IP Protection Level IP20
Color RAL 9010
Material PC+ABS
Dimension 105.4×82.4×22.5mm
Flammability (Customization) UL94-V0 or Non-flame retardant
Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS) (Customization) 48h
MAY-ATB-205 2 Port Access Terminal Box - Size
Optical Specification:
Item Test Method Specification
Insertion loss(dB) IEC61300-3-4-Method B Average ≤0.1dB, Maximum ≤0.3dB
Return loss(dB) IEC61300-3-6-Method 1 APC≥60dB, UPC≥50dB
Random connection IEC61300-3-4 Average ≤0.15dB, Maximum ≤0.3dB
Repeatability IEC 61300-2-2 500 cycles During the test the difference between the initial measurement and each of the measurements after one cycle must be less than 0.20 dB, and should be cleaned otherwise, with a limit of 25 cleanings
Environmental Characteristics:
Operation Temperature -40°C~+60°C
Installation Temperature -4°C~+40°C
Storage Temperature -45°C~+65°C
Main Components:
Item Name Quantity
1 Box Bottom 1pc
2 Box Cover 1pc
3 Fixing Screw 1pc
Standard Accessories:
Item Name Quantity
4 Plastic Cable Tie 4pcs
5 Screws and Rubber Plugs 2 sets
Optional Accessories:
Item Name Quantity
5 SC Adapter, simplex, Auto Shutter, without flange 2pcs max.
6 Fiber Optic Pigtail, SC, 0.9m, G.657A1, 1.5m, LSZH 2pcs max.
7 Heat Shrink Protective Sleeve, length 45mm 2pcs max.
Ordering Information: MAY-ATB-205-XX-XX-XX-XX:
Model MAY-ATB-205
XX: Adapter SU: SC/UPC
None: without adapter
XX: Pigtail SU: SC/UPC
None: without pigtail
XX: Heat Shrink Protective Sleeve PS: with Heat Shrink Protective Sleeve
None: without Heat Shrink Protective Sleeve
XX: Flammability V0: UL94-V0
None: Non-flame retardant