MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Top

Top View

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Open

Open View

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Fiber Plate

Three-in-one Fiber Holder for 250um/900um/2mm/3mm/2*3mm flat drop cable

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Left Side

Left Side View

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Blade Side

Blade: 16 positions

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Front

Back View

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Slide Button Side

Slide Button Side View

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver - Cloth Box

Cloth Box

Blade of MAY-FC700 and MAY-FC700S Fiber Cleaver

Replacement Blade – 16 Positions – 20 (Blade Diameter) *4 (Hole Diameter) *2 (Width)mm (Optional)

Blade of MAY-FC700 and MAY-FC700S Fiber Cleaver - Packing Plastic Box

Plastic Packing Box for Blade (Optional)

MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver is a high precision single fiber cleaver. It is a reliable cleaver for fiber optic network and FTTx FTTH applications. It contains 16-position blade and performs 48,000 times single fiber cleaves. A hexagonal wrench allows you to adjust the cleaver blade flexibly.


  • Three steps operation, the slider needs to be pulled to cleaving position by hand
  • Compact design
  • High reliability 
  • Good cleaving performance
  • 48,000 times cleave per blade
  • High stability and precision


  • FTTx construction
  • Optical network construction
  • LAN, WAN, and Metro networks
  • CATV networks
Fiber Type single fiber
Cladding Diameter 125um
Fiber Diameter 250um/900um/2mm/3mm/2*3mm flat drop cable
Cleave Angle Capability averagely ≤0.8˚
Cleave Length 5~20mm
Blade Lifetime 48,000 fiber cleaves (1,000 times*16 positions*3 blade heights)
Dimension 69W*60D*55H (mm)
Net Weight 203g
Packing Box for Selection:
Type 1: Cloth Box (MAY-FC700-C Fiber Collector can be put inside the box.)
Cloth Box Size 97W*90D*73H (mm)
Gross Weight 260g
Type 2: Plastic Box (MAY-FC700-C Fiber Collector cannot be put inside the box.)
Plastic Box Size 103W*78D*63H (mm)
Gross Weight 290g
Standard Accessories:
Item Name Quantity
1 MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver with 1pc of Blade 1pc
2 Hexagonal Wrench 1pc
3 User Manual 1pc
4 Packing Box (Cloth Box or Plastic Box) 1pc
Optional Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 MAY-FC700-C Fiber Collector 1pc
Ordering Information:
Model Name Description
MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver without fiber collector
CB-03 Replacement Blade 16 positions
MAY-FC700 Fiber Cleaver Test Report