MAY-L2529 Optical Fiber Splice for 250um & 900um Fiber
- Similar to 3M Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice 2529

MAY-L2529 Optical Fiber Splice for 250um & 900um Fiber

MAY-L2529 Optical Fiber Splice is used to connect two fibers by using index matching gel in the center of the mechanical splice to ensure good insertion and return loss. The two fibers are inserted into the fiber splice and then held in position by clamping parts of the optical fiber splice.


  • Easily and rapidly operate with firm and reliable performance
  • High reliability and low costs
  • Good repeatability
  • Excellent heat endurance
  • Lower insert loss and higher return loss
  • Long service time


  • Fast Ethernet, LAN and WAN data communication
  • High Speed company servers
  • Multiplexer, switches and routers
  • Optical and ATM access network equipment
  • Optical transport and telecommunications, FTTH, FTTD, FTTx
  • Switching equipment
Applicable Fiber Diameter 250um & 900um
Fiber Cladding Diameter 125um
Fiber Mode SM & MM
Operation Time About 30s (no fiber cut)
Average Insertion Loss ≤0.15dB (1310nm & 1550nm)
Return Loss >40dB
Tensile Force >5N for 250um bare fiber; >8N for 900um tight buffer
Working Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Repeatability (10 times) IL ≤0.2dB; RL ≤5dB