MAY-OSB-1608 Optical Splitter Box - 16 fibers splitting

MAY-OSB-1608 Optical Splitter Box - 16 fibers splitting
MAY-OSB-1608 1×16 Optical Splitter Box
MAY-OSB-1608 Optical Splitter Box Hinge
MAY-OSB-1608 Wall Mounted Optical Splitter Box

Optical Splitter Box provides fiber optic cable management for the connection of distribution cables and drop cables via Insertion Module PLC Splitter at the user access point in FTTH Passive Optical Network. Insertion Module PLC Splitter in Optical Splitter Box is a standard modular splitter, which can protect PLC Splitter well and be deployed fast. We provide Optical Splitter Box made of high quality PC and ABS plastic alloy from 2 fibers to 64 fibers splitting.

MAY-OSB-1608 Optical Splitter Box integrates fiber cable fixation, storage, splicing, distribution and splitting in an outdoor and indoor wall mounting box. 


  • Water-proof design with IP65 Protection level
  • Integrated with splice tray and cable management system
  • Fiber bending radius control more than 40mm
  • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice
Max. Splitter Capacity 1pc of 1×16 splitter or 2pcs of 1×8 splitters
Max. Inlet Cable Diameter 16mm
Inlet Cable Number 2 cable glands and 1 uncut cable port
Max. Outlet Cable Diameter 4.6mm
Outlet Cable Number 24pcs
Protection Grade IP65
Installation Method Wall mounting and pole mounting (back plate and pole ring are optional)
Working Environment Outdoor and indoor
Dimension 330(H)*210(W)*87(D)mm
Working Temperature -20°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Relative Humidity 0%~95%
Air Pressure 70~106KPa
Ordering Information: MAY-OSB-1608-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX:
Model MAY-OSB-1608
XX: Splitter None: without splitter
I12: 1×2
I14: 1×4
I18: 1×8
I116: 1×16
XX: Adapter None: without adapter
XX: Pigtail None: without pigtail
XX: Mounting Method W: wall mounting
P: pole mounting