MAY-SCS Series Slack Cable Storage

Slack Cable Storage for Pole

Slack Cable Storage for Pole

Slack Cable Storage for Tower

Slack Cable Storage for Tower

Slack Cable Storage for Pole Installation

Pole Application

Slack Cable Storage is used like storage box for slack fiber optic cable during fiber optic cable installation. It is normally used together with Fiber Optic Splice Closure.
Slack Cable Storage is made of hot dip galvanized steel, which ensures long-term usage.

Model Fixation Length (mm) Total Length (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
MAY-SCS-1-P 400 900 4.0 For pole
MAY-SCS-1-T 400 900 4.0 For tower
MAY-SCS-2-P 400 1,200 6.0 For pole
MAY-SCS-2-T 400 1,200 6.0 For tower
Note: If it is used for pole, please specify the pole diameter.