MAY-TK-C40 Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kit

MAY-TK-C40 Fiber Connector Cleaning Tool Kit

Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool Kit is used to inspect and clean 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors and adaptors (SC/ST/FC/LC/MU).

No. Name Quantity
1 Carrying Bag 1pc
2 250ml Alcohol Dispenser Bottle 1pc
3 1.25mm One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner (LC/MU) 1pc
4 2.5mm One-click Ferrule Mate Cleaner (SC/FC/ST) 1pc
5 NTT Fiber Connector Cleaning Box 1pc
6 KIMWIPES, 280pcs/box 1 box
7 CLW-1 Fiber Cleaning Wipes, 50pcs/pack 1 pack
8 Pre-moistened Wipes 10 packs