MAY-TK-S6100 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

ABS carrying case
MAY-TK-S6100 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

MAY-TK-S6100 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit applies for fiber optic cabling, telecom system maintenance, cable cut-connect operation. It gathers many kinds of hand tools, solve a variety of technical difficulties for fiber optic cable cutting/stripping/slitting/cleaning.

No. Name Quantity
1 ABS Carrying Case (385×275×110mm) 1pc
2 Black Marker 1pc
3 Kevlar Scissors 1pc
4 Mid Span Tool – Longitudinal Buffer Tube Slitter 1pc
5 Wire Stripper, Cutter 1pc
6 Precision Tweezers 1pc
7 Bit Screwdriver 1pc
8 CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper 1pc
9 Utility Knife 1pc
10 Screwdriver 1pc
11 AC-08 Steel Wire Rope Cutter 1pc
12 TC-105 Round Cable Cutter 1pc
13 3m Measuring Tape 1pc
14 125ml Alcohol Bottle 1pc
15 6” Steel Cutting Pliers (155mm) 1pc
16 6” Side Cut Pliers 130mm 1pc
17 6” Needle Node Pliers 135mm 1pc
18 Hex Key Wrench 1 set
19 8” Adjustable Wrench 1pc
20 Single Fiber Protective Sleeve 100pcs