MAY16 Series Optical Multimeter with VFL

MAY15 Series Optical Multimeter


  • Both linnear (mW) and non-linear (dBm)
  • User calibration
  • Wavelength memory function
  • VFL is included
Model MAY16A MAY16B
Measuring Range -70 to +10dBm -50 to +26dBm
Calibrated Wavelength 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm
Detector Type InGaAs
Resolution Linear display: 0.1%, logarithmic display:0.01dBm
Linearity ±5%
Automatic Shutoff Time 10min
Continuous Working Time 12h
Connector Interchangeable FC, SC, ST
Tone Detection 270, 330, 1k, 2kHz
Power supply 3*AA dry batteries or Rechargeable Lithium battery (1020mAh)
Backlight Yes
Dimension 186*100*50mm
Net Weight 150g
Operating Temperature -10 to +50℃
Storage Temperature -40 to +70℃
Relative Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)
Optical Light Source:
Wavelength 850/1300±20nm 1310/1550±20nm
Emitter Type FP-LD
Output Power ≥-5dBm
Output Stability ±0.02dB/8h
Output Frequency CW, 270, 1k, 2kHz
Power Regulation 0~6dB, 1dB step
Connector FC/PC
Visual Fault Locator:
Wavelength 650±30nm
Output Power 10mW or 30mW
Modulation Frequency CW/1Hz/2Hz
Connector Universal 2.5mm adapter (FC/SC/ST)
Standard Accessory:
Item Name Quantity
1 Optical Multimeter with FC for OPM port and FC for OLS port 1pc
2 User Manual 1pc
3 AA Dry Batteries or 1020mAh Lithium Battery 3pcs or 1pc
4 Data Line 1pc for Lithium Battery only
5 SC Adapter for OPM port 1pc
6 SC Adapter for OLS port 1pc
7 Soft Bag 1pc
Ordering Information:
Model: MAY16X-X-X-X
Model X: OPM Range X: OLS X: VFL X: Battery X: OLS Interface
MAY16 A: -70~+10dBm S: 1310/1550nm 10: 10mW D: Dry Battery None: UPC (default)
  B: -50~+26dBm M: 850/1300nm 30: 30mW L: Lithium Battery A: APC