MAY58 PON Power Meter

MAY58 PON Power Meter with Dry Batteries


  • It can carry out synchronous measurementof voice, data and video signal in BPON/EPON/GPON.
  • Providing simultaneous measurement for all three wavelengths inthe fiber (1310nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm)
  • Used in burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream.
  • Pass/Fail thresholds for 1310/1490/1550nm can be set seperately
  • User calibration for 1310/1490/1550nm respectively
  • Offers up to 10 different threshold sets in total. Three status iconsrepresent different optical signal conditions of Pass, Warn and Fail respectively.
  • 10 minutes auto-off function can be activated or deactivated.
  • Good key design,high sensitivity, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the tester.
PON Power Meter
Wavelength 1310nm 1490nm 1550nm
Pass Zone 1260~1360nm 1475~1505nm 1540~1560nm
Isolation @ 1310nm / >40dB >40dB
Isolation @ 1490nm >40dB / >40dB
Isolation @ 1550nm >40dB >40dB /
Measurement Range -35dBm~+10dBm -40dBm~+12dBm -40dBm~+25dBm
Uncertainty ≤0.5dB
Insertion Loss ≤1.5dB
Detetor Type InGaAs
Display Resolution 0.01dB
Fiber Type SM 9/125um
Threshold Setting 10 groups
Adapter FC/SC
Other Specification:
Display color LCD
Power Supply 3*AA dry batteries
Battery Standby Life ≥20h
Battery Working Hours ≥12h
Data Storage 10
Net Weight 350g
Size 186*100*50mm
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +70°C
Relative Humidity 0~95% non-condensing
Standard Accessories:
Item Name Quantity
1 MAY58 PON Power Meter with FC adapters 1pc
2 SC adapters 2pcs
3 Soft Bag 1pc
4 User Manual 1pc
5 AA alkaline battery 3pcs
Ordering Information:
Model: MAY58-X
Model X: Polish Type
  A: APC