NEOCLEAN-F Series Pen Type Connector Cleaner

NEOCLEAN-F12 Pen Type Connector Cleaner
NEOCLEAN-F25 Pen Type Connector Cleaner
NEOCLEAN-F12 and F25 Pen Type Connector Cleaner

NEOCLEAN-F is a pen-type optical connector cleaner developed and evolved based on the cleaner technology that NTT AT has cultivated over many years.It is an effective option for cleaning residues and dust from the end faces. Despite its light weight and compact size, the fiber optic cleaning pen can clean over 1000 connector end surfaces with just one unit. The cleaning capability is improved by using a special thread for cleaning optical connectors, and the housing is transparent to make it easy for the operator to see the remaining amount of cleaning strand on the pay off spool.


  • Lightweight body of about 20g and 1000+ cleans
  • High cleaning performance
  • Convenient features for field engineers
  • The shaft is keyed with 2 positions, one for PC and one for APC end faces.


  • Access Construction (Underground, Aerial)
  • Drop Construction (Aerial, Underground)
  • CO (Central Office) LAN and Network
  • Connector End-face Cleaning
Model ATC-NF-12 ATC-NF-25
Connector Type MU, LC (PC/APC) SC, FC, ST, E2000 (PC/APC)
Cleaning Cycles 1000 cycles
Package Dimension 200*27*20mm
Gross Weight 29g