NEOCLEAN S125 Cleaning Stick for 1.25mm Connection

NEOCLEAN S125 Cleaning Stick
NEOCLEAN S125 Cleaning Stick and packing Box

NEOCLEAN S125 cleaning sticks are designed for hard-to-reach bulkhead applications, LC & MU connectors, transceiver interfaces and lenses. They have special notches that make it easy for the end user to break the stick to a custom length for difficult to reach locations.


  • The stick part is made of anti-static synthetic resin.
  • The cleaning part is made of specially treated high-density textile super fine fiber.
  • The length of the cotton stick can be adjusted by itself (the shortest is 45mm ~ the longest 152mm)


  • Field Installations: Cleaning in-situ/behind the panel connectors
  • Standards Compliance IEC-61300-3-35; IEC-TSB-XYZ
  • Tx/Rx cleaning
Product Name NEOCLEAN S125 Cleaning Stick
Model ATC-ST-01N
Cleaning Type 1.25mm Connection
Package Dimension 158*110*32mm
Gross Weight 336.38g
Quantity/Box 250pcs/box