OTDR Application

OTDR  is widely used in fiber optic network, from fiber installation to maintenance, to fault locating, to repair, etc.

OTDR is used to:
1. Measure fiber loss (attenuation) for fiber optic network commissioning and acceptance
2. Inspect and verify incoming acceptance of fiber optic cables
3. Measure splice loss of both fiber splicing and fiber connector coupling during optical fiber installation, construction and maintenance.
4. Measure optical return loss of fiber connectors for CATV network, which should be known for signal improvement.
5. Locate fiber breaks for troubleshooting and detect fiber length
6. Detect and monitor the signal reflected by the fiber grating reflector .When the reflected signal is lower than the normal value, the line loss is too large; when the reflection value is 0, the optical fiber line is broken. Therefore, we can maintain the fiber line in time by the real-time monitoring of the fiber line.

Application of OTDR FBG Reflector

7. Measure the optical splitter in FTTH system via multi-pulse width technology.

8. Live Fiber OTDR can carry out online testing for live fiber, which is offering service.

9. Sense chemicals and gases. Because certain substances cause changes to the light guiding properties of the fiber and those can be observed as changes in the measurement curve.