RT01 Ratchet Tool

RT01 Ratchet Tool is developed for tensioning the stainless steel band and mounting the fitting on wooden, concrete or metal poles. The Ratchet Tool is equipped with special blade for easily cutting the stainless steel band. It is an easy way of binding stainless steel bands around different rack or pole elements. It keeps the tension tight on the strapping bands as they fasten the components together. The operation of cutting, tensioning and bading can be done with spin tension handle, spring-loaded gripper and cutter. To complete the installation, there is only one tool needed.

Applicable Band Width <25mm
Applicable Band Thickness <1.2mm
Dimension 235*77mm
Net Weight1.14kg


  • Cut the stainless steel strap with needed length by strap banding tool
  • Put on it the stainless steel buckle
  • Fix the strap by moving the strap banding tool wheel (or ratchet), then cut the band