SC-SOC Splice-on Connector

SC-SOC Splice-on Connector

It is easy, fast and reliable for engineers to terminate optical fibers in field by using Field Assembly Optical Connector, without epoxy, polishing, or curing.
Field assembly optical connector plays an irreplaceable role in FTTH access network. It can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard patchcords. It can greatly reduce the assembly time.

The pre-embedded fiber in the ferrule of splice-on connector has already been pre-polished at the patchcord workshop. Just strip, cleave and clean the fibers and then splice the fixed-length fiber with the fiber in the cable.

Installation Charm:
For splice-on connector, the fiber connects with the pre-embedded fiber by splicing.

SC-SOC Splice-on Connector - Field Assembly Charm


  • High reliability, and save maintenance cost
  • Pre-embedded fiber is polished in high quality
  • Need necessary tools, like Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer, etc.
  • Low insertion loss by splicing and high return loss by polishing
  • Can work stably in harsh environment, like severe coldness and dust, high temperature, high humidity, etc.


  • Telecommunication networks
  • FTTX, FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
  • Fiber testing and testing equipment
  • FTTH Drop Cable, 86 socket outlet, and ONU 
Applicable Cable 2.0*3.0mm drop cable & 3.0mm round cable
Fiber Diameter 125um
Coating Diameter 250um
Fiber Mode single mode or multi-mode
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB
Return Loss PC≥50dB; APC≥55dB
Dimension 55mm
Installation Time 90s
Tensile Strength ≥40N (for 2.0*3.0mm drop cable); ≥20N (for 3.0mm round cable)
Ferrule Concentricity SM<1um; MM<1.4um
Operating Temperature -40°C~+75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C