UB2A Tap Connector

UB2A Tap Connector
3M Scotchlok Tap Connector UB2A

UB2A Tap Connectors are real time savers. They enable the user to tap into another wire without interrupting service. A U-shaped element inside each connector displaces insulation material and makes contact with the copper conductor. UB2A Tap Connectors also include factory-installed sealant to protect against corrosion and seal out moisture. UB2A Tap Connectors are fast to install, easy to work with and available in a wide range of common wire gauges. UB2A Tap Connectors allow direct tapping into existing solid copper conductors without interrupting service. The pre-crimp feature helps hold the wires in place until the connector is crimped and the splice is complete.

UB2A Tap Connectors are compatible with copper wires of 0.4-0.9mm (19-26 AWG). The gel filled IDC contact area protects connections from moisture penetration.

All materials used in the connectors are non-toxic and dermatologically safe.


  • Wire tap and butt splices for splicing 19-26 AWG cable
  • Gel filled IDC contact area provides a moisture resistant barrier for reliable connections
  • Packaged in bags of 100 pieces


  • Splicing
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Premise wiring
Copper Wire Number Two
Applicable Wire telephone copper wire of 0.4mm-0.9mm (19-26 AWG) or copper-clad steel connector with insulation diameters 2.08mm (0.082″), and Cat.5 compliant
Gel yes
Operating Temperature -30 to +70℃
Storage Temperature -40 to +80℃
Relative Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)