XEBD Huawei 10G EPON Service Board

XEBD Huawei 10G EPON Service Board

XEBD is 8port 10G EPON OLT interface board, and terminal ONT equipment to achieve access to 10G EPON services.

Port rate Transmiter: 10.31Gbit/s
Receiver: 1.25Gbit/s
Forwarding 40Gbit/s
The number of LLIDs supported by each PON port 256
The maximum number of traffic that each board supports (pc) 16384
Maximum frame length 1996bytes; (1G Channel)
2004bytes; (10G Channel)
The number of MAC address 32768
The distance between the two ONUs and the PON ports in the same PON port 60km
N:1 VMAC Support
FEC Two-way
Down triple agitation encryption Support
CAR group Support
IPv6 Support
RSSI Detection Support
Light module lighting control Support
Based on ONU or queue shaping Support
Load sharing Support
Type B protection Support
Rogue ONU detection and isolation Support
High temperature automatic shutdown Support
Idle port is automatically turned off Support
Working Temperatures -40℃~+65℃
Power consumption Static: 25W
Max.: 54W

Feature and Application:
Business succession and reuse:

  • Smooth evolution from EPON to 10EPON, inherit all services and reuse ODN.

High bandwidth:

  • 8-way 10G port, fully meet the business development of broadband requirements.

High reliability:

  • Chip Type Type B Protection Switching.
  • Real-time rogue ONU detection and isolation, to ensure stable operation of the business.
  • Down triple agitation encryption,improve user data security.

Easy to operate and maintain:

  • Support the same PON mouth two ONU to PON port maximum distance difference of 60km, simplifying network planning. 


External interface:
8 * 10G EPON ports (XFP modules)
The max. Splitting ratio: 1:256