Fujikura 90S Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer


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  • Package Accessories: Fusion splicer FSM-90S, Fiber Cleaver CT50, Ribbon Fiber Stripper RS-03, Battery Pcak BTR-15, AC Adapter ADC-20, AC Power Cord ACC-14, USB Cable USB-01, Spare Electrode ELCT2-16B, Fusion Splicer Strap ST-02, Fiber Holder Set Plate SP-03
  • Hexagonal Wrench HEX-01, V-groove Cleaning Brush VCB-01, Carrying Case CC-39, Work Tray Left WT-09L, Work Tray Right WT-09R, Tripod Screw TS-03, Work Tray J-Plate JP-09, Carrying Case Strap ST-03, Alcohol Dispenser AP-02, Quick Reference Guide QRG-03-E
  • Core Alignment Technology The 90S fusion splicer has high precision lenses which provide accurate core to core alignment regardless of core-cladding concentricity error. Also, the lenses allow the splicer to discriminate between fiber types.
  • Advanced Image Processing Technology The 90S possesses advanced image processing technology which analyzes the profile of the fiber image as a brightness pattern. The 90S finds the true core position and achieves the consistent lower splice loss.
  • Fiber Discrimination Function: The 90S fusion splicer automatically identifies the optimum arc discharge parameters in accordance with the fiber type.
Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 58 × 39 × 33 cm


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