JTSP(PX) 60mm 50mm 45mm Single Rod Drop Cable Protective Sleeve


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  Drop Cable Protective Sleeve
  External Tube Internal Tube Reinforcement
Material XLPO EVA 201 or 304 stainless steel Rod

Drop Cable Protective Sleeves Diagram

Single Rod:

Model External Tube (mm) Internal Tube (mm) Stainless Steel Rod (mm)
Height and Width after Shrink (D1) Length (L) Inner Diameter (D) Length (L) Diameter (d) Length (l)
JTSP(PX)-60mm 3.5±0.1 60±1 3.8±0.2 60±1 1.0±0.05 55±1
JTSP(PX)-50mm 3.5±0.1 50±1 3.8±0.2 50±1 1.0±0.05 45±1
JTSP(PX)-45mm 3.5±0.1 45±1 3.8±0.2 45±1 1.0±0.05 40±1

Environmental Characteristics:

Working Temperature -45~100℃
Shrinking Temperature 90~110℃
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
External Tube Length:

60mm, 50mm, 45mm

Stainless Steel Rod Material & Quantity:

SUS201 1,000pcs, SUS304 1,000pcs


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