LDF-S1000 Automatic Large Diameter Optical Fiber Thermal Stripper for Cladding Diameter 60um to 600um and Coating Diameter 100um to 1000um


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LDF-S1000 Automatic Large Diameter Optical Fiber Thermal Stripper is easy to operate, featuring automatic vertical peeling, good fiber-peeling quality, stable and efficient performance; the stripper is durable and convenient for replacement; The device adopts high-accuracy linear guide rail and thermal stripping method directly driven by the motor, ensuring no damage to the optical fiber; please read the instruction manual carefully before use, and store the manual near the device to facilitate reading.


  • Equipped with a 2.8-inch true-color LCD touch screen, which can display the fiber stripping temperature, fiber stripping length, detection of fiber stripping times and user help and other parameter information in real time.
  • The user can arbitrarily set the stripping length according to the requirements within the range of 0-58 mm through the touch screen, reducing the idle travel of the motor and effectively improving the stripping efficiency of the user.
  • This machine can strip all standard single-core optical fibers within the cladding diameter range of 60um-600um by replacing the optical fiber clamp, and the replacement of the optical fiber clamp is simple and convenient.
  • The user can arbitrarily set the appropriate fiber stripping temperature within the temperature range of 60°C-120°C according to the different fiber coating materials through the touch screen to ensure the quality of fiber stripping.
  • The stripping blade adopts a unique guide bevel design according to the characteristics of single-core optical fiber to ensure that the optical fiber cut is flat and does not damage the fiber. It is durable, easy to replace the blade, and simple to adjust.
  • The machine adopts the longitudinal automatic stripping method, the optical fiber stripping force is uniform, the stripping quality is high, the performance is stable, and the stripping consistency is good.
  • This machine adopts imported high-precision guide rails and high-precision motors imported from Japan. The motor has low noise and stable operation, which effectively improves the user experience.
  • Fiber thermal stripping device design has the advantages like small size, light weight, easy to use and reliable, longitudinal stripping, stripping force is small, peel high fiber quality; blade, durable, and the replacement is convenient.


Fiber-clad Diameter 60μm-600μm (other diameters, like 660um/1100um, can customized)
Fiber Coating-layer Diameter 100μm-1000μm
Maximum Stripped Length ≤58MM
Heating Temperature 60-120℃ adjustable
Driving Mode Linear guide rail and lead screw drive
Fiber Stripping Mode Full-automatic
Fixture Platform Specialized fixture (for optical fiber of various diameters, the fixture should also be replaced)
Power Supply DC12V 2A
Dimension 200 (L) x 80 (D) x 110(H) mm
Weight About 1.6KG
Environmental Condition The temperature<50℃, humidity<85%

Standard configuration:

Items Specifications Quantity
Automatic Large Diameter Optical Fiber Thermal Stripper LDF-S1000 1
Power Adaptor DC12V 2A 1
Instruction Manual   1
Brush   1
Allen Wrench 1.5mm 1
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 41 × 22 × 32 cm


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