MAY-FM-100E Desktop Fiber Microscope Fiber Optic Connector Endface Inspector


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MAY-FM-100E Desktop Fiber Microscope is new generation of integrated desktop optical fiber microscope, which is specially used for optical fiber end face inspection. It is equipped with a high-definition and high-resolution TFT display screen, allowing operators to detect the end face more effectively.


  • Suitable for end faces of FC/SC/LC/MPO
  • High-definition 8” TFT screen
  • High resolution <0.5μm
  • Adjsutable X, Y, Z axis
  • 200* or 400* magnification
  • Anti static housing design
  • Exquisite size, easy to carry

Optional Tips:
MAY-FM-100 Desktop Fiber Inspector - Adapter List

Technical parameter:

Item Parameter
Magnification 80X, 200X, or 400X
Resolution 0.5um
CMOS 200W pixel
8” Display 1024×768 resolution LCD
Power Supply +12V, 1.5A
Volume 264×210×151mm
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C


Model MAY-FM-100E
Dimension 42*32*32 cm
Material Plastic, Metal, Glass
Color Silver
Packing Paper carton with buffer
Application Production line, trouble shooting; QC, network maintenance

Standard Accessories:

Item Name Quantity
1 MAY-FM-100E Desktop Fiber Microscope (Host) 1pc
2 125-UPC-01 Adapter for LC/UPC Connector 1pc
3 25-UPC-01 Adapter for SC/UPC, FC/UPC and ST/UPC Connectors 1pc
4 Power Supply (Input: 220V, Output: 12VDC) 1pc
5 User Manual 1pc
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 25 cm


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