14100710 CLETOP Replacement Tape White for CLETOP Series Cassette Cleaners 6pcs per Box


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CLETOP replacement tap for CLETOP fiber optic connector cleaning cassette can be refilled to reduce cleaning costs. It is designed primarily for cleaning ferrules such as SC, FC, SC2, ST, DIN, D4, LC, MU, MT, MPO/MTP, MT-RJ and Biconic Connectors. It is sold by the Box of 6 Replacement Tapes.


  • Designed so that all operators can consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents.
  • Palm-sized and lightweight. Easy and safe to usein the engineering lab, on the production line, or in the field.
  • Cleaning tape is replaceable and cost effective.
  • One cleaning tape can be used for over 400 wipes.
  • Has excellent anti-static properties to avoid reattachment of dust to the ferrule after cleaning.


  • FTTX work sites installing OptiTap™ drop cable
  • Data center installation and preventative maintenance
  • Central office and head end new equipment installations and preventive maintenance
  • Production facilities that terminate fiber optic cable assemblies
  • Testing and measuring laboratories using optoelectronic equipment
  • Any application that uses unmated fiber optic connectors
  • Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Systems


Product Name CLETOP Replacement Tape White
Model 14100710
Applicable Products  CLETOP Series Cassette Cleaners
Cleaning Cycles 400 cycles
Package Dimension 142*107*58mm
Gross Weight 207.18g
Quantity/Box 6pcs/box
Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 10.7 × 5.8 cm


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