FHO1000 Handheld OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with VFL OLS OPM RJ45 Sequence 1310/1550nm 28/26dB


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FHO1000 Handheld OTDR is the latest smart OTDR of Grandway. Although it is a handheld OTDR, it can measure the length of optical fiber over 100km. In short distance optical fiber testing, with the excellent 1m/4m deadzone performance, all kinds of continuous connectors, attenuation loss and other events can be clearly distinguished. FHO1000 is equipped with 1310nm and 1550nm dual wavelength OTDR, optical power meter, stable laser source, 10mw VFL, RJ45 line sequence measurement and other functions. At the same time, it has bluetooth wireless connection and supports pairing with mobile phones.


  1. 5 inch color LCD, portable design and easy to carry.
  2. Multi function integration, support 10mw VFL, stable laser source, optical power meter, RJ45 line sequence test and other functions.
  3. High precision, short deadzone OTDR can accurately test all kinds of continuous connectors and attenuation points in the line.
  4. 28dB dynamic support over 100km optical fiber measurement.
  5. Simple mode and expert mode are convenient for application in different scenarios.
  6. Bluetooth connection of mobile phone supports fast transmission of test files to mobile phone.
  7. Mobile phone remote control, control OTDR test and curve view analysis through the mobile phone app.
  8. Support remote online upgrade


Items Specifications
Fiber type SMF (ITU-T G.652)
Wavelength 1310±20nm/1550±20nm
Dynamic range 28/26dB
Test Range 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 80km, 120km
Pulse width 3ns/5ns/10ns/30ns/50ns/100ns/275ns/500ns/1us/2us/5us/10us/20us
Event dead zone ≤1m
Attenuation dead zone ≤4m
Refractive index 1.000~1.999
Sampling points 64000
Sampling accuracy 0.05m (1km)
Distance accuracy ±(1m+test distance×3×10-5+sampling resolution) (excluding IOR uncertainty)
Loss accuracy 0.1dB
Linearity 0.1dB
Reflectance accuracy ±2dB
Event display Fiber end

Reflection event

Splice loss

VFL Working wavelength: 650±10nm Output: 10mW, CW/1Hz/2Hz
Stable OLS Working wavelength: 1310±20nm/1550±20nm

Output >-13dBm, CW/270Hz/1kHz/2kHz

OPM Calibrated wavelength: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm

Test range: -70~+10dBm

RJ45 line sequence test TIA568-A and TIA568-B standard
Optical interface OTDR: standard FC/UPC, optional SC/UPC, FC/APC, SC/APC

VFL: 2.5mm universal port

OLS: share the OTDR port

OPM: 2.5mm universal port

Electrical interface RJ45 port×2, RJ45 remote module

USB Type-C charging port

Wireless Bluetooth
Data storage Pluggable 8GB micro SD card
Battery 5000mAh lithium battery
Working humidity 0~85%(non condensing)
Working temperature -10~50℃
Dimension 192.9×93.8×47mm
Weight 0.57kg


1, Dead zone test conditions: event dead zone return loss >-45dB, attenuation dead zone return loss >-55dB.

2, The product shell color is optional purple/blue/orange.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 11 cm
OTDR Port:



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