NTT AT Index Matching Block for Single Mode Return Loss Testing


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Index matching block is used during single mode return loss testing. It provides a temporary method for coupling the light out of optical fiber without the use of any connectors or attachments. Compared with traditional products, it can save more test time and reduce pollution of the end surface. The method of use is also very simple, just press the required shielded parts gently on the Index matching block. Because the surface is elastic, the sealing effect is better and will not damage the end surface of the fiber.


  • Easy to useand save time
  • No pollution and damage to the end surface
  • Index of refraction: 1.469


  • Single mode return loss testing

Temperature characteristics:

Surround Temperature Chart

Surround temperature (℃)

As shown in the figure, it is the temperature characteristics of the index matching block, please use it at room temperature.


  • Do not presshard during use, otherwise it will break the surface or embed the fiber into the surface.
  • Check the surface of the matching block before use. If there is dust or dirty, use dust-free cotton swab dipped in water-free alcohol to clean the surface, and can be used after the surface alcohol evaporates; if the surface is damaged, need to replace the matching block.
  • The matching block should be avoided dust like all the fiber devices. Remember to screw the lid after using. If you don’t use it for a long time, you should put the matching block in the sealing bag to avoid the dust on the outer tribe of the matching block, after opening the lid, the outside dust will fall into the matching block.
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1.6 cm


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